Do you really know all there is to know about your canine companions nutritional needs? Many pet owners think they’re doing whats best for their dogs when it comes to food, but in reality they rely on pure instinct more than science. Nutrition isn’t a guessing game, even when it comes to your pooch. Think about it ñ if you were left to feed yourself based only on what you craved and had no knowledge of what your body needs to function, would you be eating 5 servings of fruit and veggies or would you head straight for the Ding Dong case at the market?

Cover all of the bases

A dogs diet can be as complex as any humans (including yours!), and it’s absolutely essential that you, as an owner, hit all of the vital nutritional bases. A deficiency of certain vitamins and nutrients can lead to upset tummies; overly dry or oily skin, brittle bones, weight issues, and, in some of the worst cases, death. A balanced and proper diet is the building block of your dogs overall health ñ if he doesn’t get the right blend of nutrients, the most impeccable care otherwise won’t mean a thing. But with the right diet, his defenses against disease and disorders are infinitely stronger than a dog whose owner hasn’t put much thought into an eating plan.

Mix it up!

For the most part, pre-packaged food will help you cover all of the major nutritional requirements a healthy, fairly young dog has. This where many owners trip up simply because of the ease of the decision; Most think that the major choice is between dry and moist food, when in reality the best diet you can provide your dog is one varied in ingredients, textures, and nutritional value. Wolves where carnivores, and that instinct remains with their our modern day dog; to this day. They continue to hunt prey (poor Kitty), love sausage-flavored treats, and adore the great crunch they get when chowing down on a bone. Those varied elements should give you a little bit of insight into how diverse your dogs diet can be.

Move beyond meat.

Building some portion of his diet from meat gives you many of the crucial nutrients he needs for energy and growth, but he also needs fiber and carbohydrates to aid in digestion and stability. You could throw down a bowl of dry food every day and maybe give him a treat of moist food once a month, but how would you like it if the tables were turned and he insisted on feeding you pancakes every day for the rest of your life? Not such a sunny outlook, is it?

Give him some green.

Your dog needs a well-balanced diet, and the best way to accomplish that is through a wide variety of ingredients. Did you know that many dogs love veggies? In fact, if your dog likes to nibble on grass, he may appreciate some of the veggie-oriented recipes in the cookbook. Give it a shot and see what you and your dog think. After all, the worst that could happen is an improvement in your pooches health!

Ad a bit of CBD to improve Skin Conditions

Any dog owner could tell you that licking and scratching can be a real problem, and that it’s an instant sign of a possible skin condition or allergic reaction. While some dogs suffer from common allergies, others can suffer from chronic diseases like atopic dermatitis (or eczema) which is usually hereditary. While various treatments exist on the market, most skin allergies are quite difficult to resolve and if it’s a lifetime condition, treatments like steroid hormones can have harsh side effects.

CBD can help relieve itchy and dry skin, as well as promote the growth of healthy new skin that can be damaged during scratching or constant licking. As long term treatments go, CBD is a safer option with no side effects which can make the healing process easier on your dog. Whether you use a topical spray, balm or oil, CBD’s future in skin care is only just beginning.